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The Iceman Ötzi

image copyright: TV Schnalstal

The German couple called Simon made a sensational finding in 1991 during their holiday in the Senales Valley. On their hike along the Alpine ridge between Similaun and the Finail Peak, they discovered a male body in the ice. The forensics in Innsbruck in Austria soon proved what nobody could have imagined until then. The glacier mummy, also called Ötzi, had lived 5300 years ago in the Neolithic Age. This can also be seen from the clothes made of plants, and from the arms and tools he carried.

Ötzi Show Gallery
You will meet the Ice Man in the unique show gallery in the mines of the glacier (3,212 m). Wall charts and numerous pictures will provide you with an inside into life 5,300 years ago.

Ötzi Express
Experience the Senales glacier up close! With a caterpillar vehicle you will be chauffeured to the unique atmosphere of "eternal ice". Past icefalls and morains you will reach the glacier cave. The play of light inside the ice cave provides a fascinating insight into the creation and development of the Senales Glacier (Hochjochferner).

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