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Südtiroler Gasthaus Tradition and hospitality are important to us

Since 2014 we at Oberraindlhof have been part of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ initiative. The main focus of this cooperation is to preserve South Tyrolean restaurant culture. Away from jaded prizewinning cuisines and gourmet temples, and back to the down-to-earth, quality restaurant. This is how we think of South Tyrolean culinary art.

Junior Chef Benjamin

„South Tyrolean restaurant culture represents our entire region. Haute cuisine doesn’t always have to mean endless shredding and fiddling around with the food. It can also be direct, regional and genuine. And the South Tyrolean establishment gives it a personal and authentic note.“

The South Tyrolean restaurant is a place,

  • where hospitality is lived.
  • where people congenially sit together and talk to each other.
  • where maintaining tradition coexists with being open to new things.
  • where culture, regular group nights, customs and folklore are normal.
  • where friendliness and homey atmosphere are part of daily life.

Since 2014 we have been part of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ initiative

We, the 32 restaurateurs of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ group and our employees, are proud of South Tyrolean restaurant culture and live this hospitality with heart and soul every day in our family-run businesses.

Oberraindlhof – an authentic experience

With its rustic farm-style parlours, old farmhouse, and tasty dishes made from local products, Oberraindlhof is a authentic South Tyrolean restaurant. Our fine South Tyrolean cuisine combines old traditional recipes with modern Italian and Mediterranean influences. Our large selection of wines, particularly from South Tyrol, have surprised and delighted many a wine connoisseur. The traditional music from the „Oberraindlhof Trio“, the „Jägerstube“ parlour and the local hospitality – all are further examples of the authentic character of Oberraindlhof, part of the „Südtiroler Gasthaus“ initiative.

Summer at “Südtiroler Gasthaus”

Pure freshness is close to us and the members of the Südtiroler Gasthaus group would like to offer you this with this year's summer freshness theme "Garden freshness on the table".

 Try with us from friday, 18th june  to sunday, 25th july tasty receipts with fresh garden products: herbs, spices, berries, fruit and vegetable of the season...

We are looking forward to welcome you!

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Dear guests,

we are finally open again! :-)

The latest news and regulations about the Coronavirus in South Tyrol you can find on: suedtirol.info/en/information/coronavirus

We have prepared a special hygiene concept in order to guarantee you a safe holiday at the Oberraindlhof, and we respect all the safety measures in place.


Stay healthy! We send you lots of love!

Family Raffeiner with team