All good things come in fives:
The most beautiful rooms in the Schnals Valley
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All good things come in fives: The most beautiful rooms in the Schnals Valley

As an old mason, it's fair to say that not everything was better in the past. It was just different. One thing has not changed for me as Oberraindlhof in the last centuries: My chambers and parlours and little rooms were and still are a place where history(s) are written. Big ones and small ones. Heartbreaking and heartwarming ones. And if someone asks where the most beautiful, the most interesting, the most historic rooms in the entire Schnals Valley are, then I may answer quite unpretentiously: With me. At the Oberraindlhof. In addition to my modern "comfort farm rooms" at 4-star level, I can inspire you with my historic farm rooms. You rarely get to see anything like them today. I would almost say they are something like a window into the past. Cosy retreats where time flows a little slower. And because I know it's not easy to choose one of my five historical retreats, you can read about the stories behind the old room doors here:

In a grand hotel, a room like this would perhaps be called a "presidential suite". In my case, the largest historic room is called "Antonius". Why? In 1900, it was the retreat of Anton, the head of the family. And because he had so much to think about and do during the day, he naturally had to rest especially well at night. That still works especially well today. Fine Swiss stone pine and spruce wood provide a lot of cosiness on 25m2, noble natural stone and valuable natural materials round off the stately living feeling. And just wait until you see the view from the balcony!

Not so long ago, refrigerators and freezers were a foreign word in the Alpine valleys. That's why the farms smoked, boiled down, dried and salted everything the kitchen could offer. The preserved food had to be kept as dry and airy as possible. The attic with its draughty floorboards was perfect for this. And so, when you went to the top floor for a handful of flour or a piece of bread, you could see the stars twinkling through the roof. You too can become a "stargazer" in this wonderful room. But don't worry, the cracks in the sloping roof are long gone. But there is an enchanting skylight.

It is a fascinating spectacle, a centuries-old tradition and for some years now even a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the transhumance of sheep in the Schnals Valley. With this room we honour the transhumance. The location was not chosen by chance. After all, this is exactly where the shepherds used to settle down for the night and warm their cold limbs at the cosy tiled stove. It still exists today and, together with fluffy sheep's wool, felt and loden, ensures cosy holiday days on historic ground.

I tell you, what dramas took place with the young ladies! In the days before Whatsapp and Instagram and TikTok, the way into the heart of the beloved was usually only via a warped ladder. When "Fensterln", the young boys climbed up to the window of their sweetheart to whisper vows of love in her ear. Not only once did one of them fall down. Even today, the "Glanen", i.e. the chamber of the farmer's daughters, is a particularly romantic room. Small, fine and very cosy. But don't give me the idea of going window-shopping, will you?

Nomen est omen. The Stuben was once a place for writing letters, thinking, discussing and hatching plans. Anton, the owner of the house, wrote history here, in the truest sense of the word. When important visitors from the city arrived, he would put away the ink and paper and the "summer visitors" had a cosy guest room with a great view of the peaks of the Texel Group. This is still the case today. Lots of old wood and Schnals stone make my parlours a wonderful retreat.

Well, have you already decided which will be your new favourite room? If you still need a little help deciding, my hosts will be happy to receive your call or email. Or maybe you have been a regular guest for a long time and would like to share your favourite story from my historic rooms with me? I would be delighted if you wrote to me!

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The most beautiful rooms in the Schnals Valley