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Oberraindlhof Trio from South Tyrol

Elisabeth, our director, has played in traditional ensembles and sung in choirs from an early age. The two brothers, Klaus and Bernhard Pfeifhofer from Lana, are enthusiastic accordion players.
They discovered the joy of making music together as school mates, and play together often, for class reunions, events and other occasions which call for a melodious atmosphere. The three of them convinced Elisabeth’s son Patrick to join them in playing at Oberraindlhof. And so the Oberraindlhof Trio was born in 2010, and since then the three perform happily for the „Tyrolean Evenings“ in Schnalstal Valley.

From the very beginning our guests were so enthusiastic that the trio recorded a CD. It can be purchased at Oberraindlhof and brings the ambience of a „Tyrolean Evening“ to your home.

The song „Häuserl im Gebirg“ even stayed at Number 1 for 5 weeks in the traditional music hit parade on Rai South Tyrol. This and many other songs can be found on the CD.

But, of course, live is live, and experiencing the ensemble live is a special, exclusive treat for our guests only. The Oberraindlhof Trio can be heard nearly every week at the traditional „Tyrolean evening“ in Oberraindlhof in Schnalstal Valley.

Elisabeth, Bernhard and Klaus look forward to playing for you!