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Oberraindl’s Historic peasant-style rooms

Spend the night as if it’s 1900.

The rooms in the category are our special pride and joy. They are located in the main building and are in a rustic, original part of our hotel. Here you’ll sleep in the „real“ Oberraindlhof, a 300-year-old wooden house. The romantic crackling sounds of the timber bring to mind a slower, bygone era. The scent of the wood will accompany you during your entire stay. The baths are practically designed so as not to take up more room than necessary. Each room has its own story from the past. Every one of these rooms lets you experience a piece of local history, whether it involves the old cobbler’s shop or the most important office in the valley. These are not just ordinary rooms, but something very special! The historical peasant-style rooms correspond to the 3-star standard in South Tyrol.

Antonius - NEW 2021 (approx. 25m² / 2-4 persons)

from 90 € per pers.


Transhumanz - New in 2021 (approx. 20m²/ 1-3 persons)

from 85 € per pers.


Sterngugger (approx. 20m² / 1-4 persons)

from 80 € per pers.


Glanen (approx. 20m²/ 1-3 persons)

from 80 € per pers.


Stuben (approx. 20m²/ 1-3 persons)

from 80 € per pers.


Oberraindl’s Comfort peasant-style rooms

Experience the „modern“ side of Oberraindlhof in one of our comfort peasant-style rooms. All the rooms are decorated in pine, and you’ll sense in your first night how the wood causes your pulse to slow down. The bathrooms are suitably large and provide sufficient room for modern living comforts. The rooms in this category are recommended for light sleepers. Without unnecessary luxury — which doesn’t correspond to our philosophy. Accommodations should be simple, traditional and comfortable. The historical peasant-style rooms correspond to the 4-star standard in South Tyrol.

Schiferlehen (approx. 32m²/ 2-5 persons)

from 88 € per pers.


Raindl (approx. 25m²/ 1-3 persons)

from 82 € per pers.


Larch (approx. 35m²/ 2 persons)

from 94 € per pers.


Himmelschlüssl (approx. 40m²/ 1-4 persons)

from 99 € per pers.


Director Elisabeth

„We have the right room for every guest. The historical ones entice with romance, real rustic atmosphere and South Tyrolean authenticity. The comfort peasant-style rooms provide quiet and modern living comfort without being cluttered or precious.“

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Dear guests,

due to the unclear situation we cannot fix a date for our start in the summer season. Hopefully it will be the 22th may, and we are looking forward to see you again soon! :-)

The latest news and regulations about the Coronavirus in South Tyrol you can find on: suedtirol.info/en/information/coronavirus

We have prepared a special hygiene concept in order to guarantee you a safe holiday at the Oberraindlhof, and we respect all the safety measures in place.


Stay healthy! We send you lots of love!

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