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Oberraindl’s Travel Cancellation Insurance

For the moment:
Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival. We want to build our bookings on the basis of mutual trust. That is why we do not require a deposit. We are happy to credit the down payments made to us for 1 year.

We have all learned some lessons from the Covid pandemic and know how quickly circumstances can change. Therefore, there is no question for us that we refrain from cancellation costs in the event of cancellations due to a recurring corona pandemic. 

We therefore offer our Holiday Service, which protects you in such cases.

This charge of € 5,00 per adult (€ 2.50 per child under 16) protects you when cancelling for the following reasons:

1. Unexpected serious illness. Pregnancy discovered after booking is also recognised as a reason for being unable to travel.

2. Serious injury or death.

3. Death, serious complications from injury or unexpected serious illness of a family member (spouse or domestic partner, parent, grandparent, step-parent, parent-in-law, sibling, child, step-child, son/daughter-in-law or grandchild)

4. Serious damage to the guest’s property at his or her home, as a result of force majeure (such as fire) or criminal act by a third party, making the guest’s presence at home necessary.

5. Loss of employment (without fault) through termination by employer.

6. Conscription of the guest to military or civil service, if the competent authority does not accept the travel booking as a reason to postpone the summons.

7. Submission of divorce papers before planned travel together as a couple.

8. Failing the school-leaving examination directly before an insured trip that had been booked before the exam.

9. Appearance of an unexpected court summons, if the competent court does not accept the guest’s travel booking as grounds for postponement.

Holiday Service must be concluded with a written reconfirmation within three days after booking. The insurance amount is paid by the hotel in advance, and can then be settled with the final bill. In case of cancellation due to reasons above, only the costs of the insurance shall apply. The difference from any deposits paid will be reimbursed by bank transfer.

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