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Summer Holiday Hiking and activities in Schnalstal Valley

From the hills of apple trees at the valley entrance to the mighty glaciers at the valley head, the Schnalstal Valley offers the best conditions for a relaxing hiking holiday in South Tyrol. This „valley of mountain pastures“ awaits you with 300 kilometres of hiking paths of all levels of difficulty, and over 35 mountain huts and inns. As designated European Hiking Village, it combines pristine natural experiences with cultural places of interest in a modern hiking region that leaves no wishes unsatisfied. It’s favourable location means that our guests can often begin their hikes directly from Oberraindlhof.

Texelgruppe Nature Park

The largest nature park in South Tyrol covers the entire Texelgruppe mountain range – an extended high mountain landscape between the Schnalstal Valley to the west and the Passeiertal Valley to the east. This protected area ensures the preservation of the landscape and nature. Hiking in this pristine world of high Alpine flora and fauna is an especially enjoyable experience. „From green lizards to mountain goats“ – the park’s habitat is characterised by great contrasts. It extends from the Mediterranean, almost steppe-like landscape on the Sonnenberg mountain to the high Alpine glacier region of the Texelgruppe.

The Pfossental Valley is an outstanding „hot spot“ in the nature park. There are more chamois and mountain goats here than there are residents of the entire Schnalstal Valley!

Hiking holiday at Oberraindlhof

Our family, too, likes to hike. That’s why our guests come to us for the enjoyment of eventful hikes every week. You can find information on hiking routes, maps or suggestions in the reception area.
A guided mountain tour with Martin, our mountain guide, promises many special moments.

Hikes from the hotel:

Elevation gain: 926 m – Length: 15 km – medium-difficult
Lafetzalm – Pichele – Mastaualm
Elevation gain: 750 m – Length: 12 km – medium-difficult
Klosteralm – Kreuzspitze – Saxalbsee
Elevation gain: 1,172 m – Length: 17 km – difficult

Sports and activities in the Schnalstal Valley

Those looking to do some climbing will find the right challenges in one of numerous via ferratas. Children and novices can try out the Ötzi Rope Park, a fascinating rope park for thrills and a dexterity workout. If you’ve had enough walking, you can get to know the Schnalstal Valley by MTB or racing bike. And when the weather is uncooperative or you just need a break, there are many places of interest in the Schnalstal Valley.

The Iceman Ötzi Peak - viewing platform at 3,251m

Merano High Mountain Trail

The Merano High Mountain Trail is arguably the most interesting and one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Alps. This 100-km high mountain trail is navigable nearly the entire year. Hikes can be started, interrupted or ended conveniently at numerous places along the route.

Hike to the glacier

Another highlight for hikers in Schnalstal Valley is a guided hike over the Hochjochferner Glacier, which gives a glimpse into the fascinating world of the Alpine glacier. These tours are organised by mountain guides and glacier experts, who offer surprises with astonishing details on the living ice, and bring this white world to life in every way. The site where the “Iceman” was discovered can also be safely reached on a guided hike. This tour fascinated with breathtaking views on the Tyrolean Alps.

Hiking tips and more

Hiking in the mountains requires careful preparation. Here are the most important things to include in your rucksack, along with the 10 most important rules on conduct on the mountain, to ensure your safe return home. Hiking is good for your health, especially at high elevations, as a study on healthy high-elevation hikes shows.