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Hiking Tips 10 hiking rules of conduct

For a successful hiking tour, it’s important to adhere to certain basic rules of conduct on the trails. Here are the 10 most important rules for hiking in the mountains:

1. Every tour undertaken should correspond to one’s individual physical condition. If children are hiking, then it is their physical condition that sets the bar for the hike.

2. Every tour should be planned carefully. Where are there huts along the route? How far are the distances? And especially: What will the weather be like?

3. Equipment must be the right size. You should have sturdy footwear, a weatherproof rucksack, sun protection, warm and windproof clothing, sufficient lBefore you set out you should notify your landlord, hotel staff or acquaintances of your destination and your intended time of return. In an emergency it can be helpful to have left an entry in the hut or summit registers.

5. Avoid walking too fast. The tempo should be determined by the slowest member of your company. Stop for small breaks every so often.

6. Do not stray from the market trails.

7.  Be careful of dislodging loose stones, so that you don’t create danger for other hikers. In rocky terrain, animals such as chamois can often cause rockfalls. Use caution!

8. If a storm is approaching, you should turn around immediately. If you are nevertheless caught in a storm, avoid solitary standing trees. Never remain at the summit or at the top of a ridge; find valleys or lower ground. Only safe shelter can provide protection when a storm hits the mountains.

9. If an unexpected emergency arises, stay calm. Summon help either with your mobile phone or by calling out. You can also make your presence known by waving larger items of clothing. Do not leave an injured person alone in order to seek help; it is better to try to bring them out of danger.

10. Keep the mountains clean! Please take all your refuse back down with you.