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Ski Touring in Schnalstal Valley A ski touring paradise

The Ötztal Alps have been among the best ski touring areas in the Alps since the sport's beginnings. Each year it welcomes ski touring enthusiasts from Europe and around the world. Whether it's a trip up to the summit or a challenging trek — hardly any other valley provides climbs without extreme ascents to so many three-thousanders in winter like the Schnalstal Valley. The 3,738-metre summit of the Weisskugel is an unforgettable touring destination for ski mountaineers.

Safety information
IMPORTANT: Please enquire on avalanche conditions before any tour; or, better yet, arrange to be accompanied by a state-certified mountain and ski guide. They're the perfect partners for a safe ski touring experience.

We want you to return home with good memories of your ski touring excursions in the South Tyrolean Alps!

Guided ski tours in the Schnalstal Valley

The Tourism Association organises weekly guided ski tours, including to the Iceman discovery site, to the Tisenjoch ridge and to the Saldurscharte ridge or the Schwemserspitze peak.

Ski touring on the Schnalstal Valley Glacier
Slope preparations for the downhill run and the Grawand slope are suspended from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. every Tuesday. Ski tourers can safely ascend during this time. The bar of the Glacier Hotel Grawand and the Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht refuge are open for those who want a bit of food or drink after their tour. Please note that ski touring is not permitted on the slopes at other times.

Ski Touring easy

Stotz - 2,887 m
Starting point: Maso Corto/Kurzras, Koflhöfe farms (1,938 m)
Difficulty: easy
Difference in elevation: 949 m
Time: 3 hours

Ski Touring medium

Schwemserspitze - 3,456 m
Starting point: Maso Corto parking area (2,011m)
Difficulty: medium-difficult to difficult
Difference in elevation: 1,445 m
Time: 4 hours
Attention: only for experienced skiers with Alpine skills.

Ski Touring difficult

Weisskugel - 3,739 m
Starting point: Maso Corto parking area (2,011 m)
Difficulty: difficulty
Difference in elevation: 1,728 m
Time: 6 hours
Attention: only for experienced skiers with Alpine skills.

Touring-Ski rental in Maso Corto

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