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Our Hiking Guide at Oberraindlhof

Uncle Wolfgang, Wolfi (as we call him) or simply Wolfgang, is the younger brother of Helmuth, our chef. A trained hiking guide, he spends much of the summer months accompanying our guests on hikes. He can show you the best places in the Schnalstal Valley, lead you up to the high summits and take you to the most rustic huts in the area.

He grew up at Oberraindlhof and attended school in Madonna di Senales/Unser Frau. After compulsory school, Wolfgang learned to cook. He trained in various hotels and was soon chef in several Merano-area establishments, including working as Head Chef in Foiana/Völlan for 19 years. During that time he became certified as both a chef and dietary cook.

However, Wolfi’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge were not yet sated, especially on subjects of health. He took further training to be an aromatherapist, a pranotherapist, naturopathic health consultant, natural healer, Bach flower therapist and many others. Wolfgang belonged to various national and international commissions for chef and dietary chef examinations.

Wolfi naturally never lost his love for the mountains, for hiking and for moving in nature, and so one day he decided to become certified as a hiking guide.

Of course he has always maintained close contact with us at Oberraindlhof. He was always willing to assist with culinary questions and diverse problems. And when the Head Chef couldn’t make it to work on New Year’s Eve, naturally he jumped in and got right to work in his old home hearth. When we introduce a new menu (which happens 4 times a year) he’ll visit us with his two sons, and try out the new dishes with enthusiasm.

Lately Wolfi had been instructing ambitious cooking school pupils at the state hotel training school. We are very happy and grateful that he serves as Oberraindlhof’s summer hiking guide.