The Winter Wonder Week Programme
at Oberraindlhof
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The Winter Wonder Week Programme at Oberraindlhof

If you like, you can of course hole up here with me for the whole long winter holiday. I have no objection at all to you watching the snow drift by from my cosy rooms in the Schnals Valley, crawling into my soft, cloudy beds and hibernating. But there are also people who are in the mood for adventure and amusement during their holidays. If you are one of them, you have to read on and discover what my farm people have come up with for you in the winter of 2023/24:

Every Monday at the Oberraindlhof:

Pure pre-Christmas joy! Hop on the exclusive shuttle bus and head to the Christmas market in Merano. How it smells and glitters and shines there! Bet you'll find the perfect gift for your loved ones back home? Or maybe you'll make it at a candle-making class with Andrea? Afterwards, you can put your yodelling skills to the test at the Tyrolean evening.

Tuesday is a sporty day:

If you like, you can experience an adventure full of ice and snow: Experienced alpinists and brave mountaineers can take part in the Ötzi Glacier Tour with a mountain guide on Tuesday. If you prefer to stay on the ground, come along to curling. Our Martin will show you the perfect swing!

Discovery tours on Wednesday:

Our mountain guide will lead you through the snow-covered Mastauntal valley. Explore the enchanting, glittering mountain world on the quiet soles of your snowshoes. If you are interested in culture, the sacred and history, you will enjoy the guided tour of the Allerengelberg Monastery in Karthaus.

Thursday: Glacial bliss and spirituality

Do you want to go high up? Then dress warmly, dig into the delicious breakfast and join us on a glacier ski tour with a Schnals Valley mountain guide. Alternatively, you can raise your glasses with Helli. In a very cultivated way, of course. As befits a wine tasting.

End of the week with nature and pleasure

Don't worry about holiday pounds. You can enjoy the gala menu on Friday evening. After all, you burned off a lot of calories during the day: The snowshoe tours with Martin are by no means as strenuous as they sound. They are quite leisurely through the winter landscape.

And at the weekend?

Saturday and Sunday are our two traditional arrival days. Treat yourself to a bit of relaxation. How about alpine wellness or simply a nap in my cosy rooms?

Glacier ski tour every Thursday