This is where the music plays:
A Tyrolean evening with the Oberraindlhof Trio
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This is where the music plays: A Tyrolean evening with the Oberraindlhof Trio

At the latest when the old Italo ham "Marina" plays, there is no stopping it: my old parlour shakes under stamping feet, the walls tremble under the clapping, jeering and singing of the guests. A Tyrolean evening like this in the South Tyrolean Schnals Valley is an affair that brings people together and is often the birth of lifelong friendships and holiday love affairs. But let's start from the beginning. Because like many good stories, this one has to be told from the beginning.

Music in the blood and a place in the hit parade

Some passions show up early in life: My current landlady, Elisabeth, has always been a musical creature. And so that her humming, warbling and whistling would be of some use, she was sent to the music band and choir as a child. However, our Elisabeth found her musical better halves - or more correctly two thirds - at school. The brothers Bernhard and Klaus Pfeifhofer were just as enthusiastic about the "Ziachorgel" as Elisabeth, and soon there was no class reunion, birthday party or carnival celebration without the lively sounds of this dynamic trio. In fact, a few decades had to pass and Elisabeth's son Patrick had to grow up until Klaus, Bernhard and Elisabeth played for our guests and finally gave themselves the name Oberraindlhof-Trio. Patrick deserves special honour at this point, because if he hadn't been so stubborn, his wife Mama and her companions would hardly have been persuaded to play for the house guests in 2010. And they were very enthusiastic! They played - and still play - whatever pleases them and puts them in a good mood. Three songs were already played at the first official performance: "Südtirol Edelweißland", Elisabeth's favourite, the "Heiligkreuzer Polka", which Bernhard likes so much, and of course Klaus' absolute favourite, the "Stillupa-Simal-Boarischer". As you can imagine, the Oberraindl Trio became a musical sensation in the Schnals Valley and because people back home in Berlin, Milan or Neusiedl loved to relive the impressions of their holidays in South Tyrol, the guests asked for a CD. Especially the piece „Häuserl im Gebirg“ had taken the listeners by storm. Also here in South Tyrol. For a whole 5 weeks, the song topped the hit parade on the RAI South Tyrol radio station. 

The love of the ziacha and a cheerful flute

Knobforgel, Styrian, accordion or even "Ziacha" - the accordion not only has many names, but also many faces. Whether it's an alpine polka, an Italian popular tune or a modern melody - this instrument literally plays all the pieces. That is just one reason why our Elisabeth loves to play it so much. She taught herself how to do it. To make the Boarischer and Bauernwalzer really snappy, the Oberraindlhof trio also takes up the guitar. Of course, they also sing. If you are lucky, you can experience the now legendary guest appearances of receptionist Sandra as a singer or Benni on the accordion. There is also a big "hello" every time Bernhard takes up the ocarina. This small flute instrument comes from the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna and has a particularly cheerful sound. And then it's time again: G G D D7 D7 D7 ... when these chords ring out, no one is left on the edge of their seats. Rocco Granata's Granata from 1959 resounds to the very last corner of the house. Just as it should be in South Tyrol: one verse in Italian, one in German ... those who don't understand either language simply join in with "Marina, Marina, Marina" or "Oh no, no, no, no". Saying "no" is sometimes a bit difficult for the Oberraindlhof trio, but after the third encore it's really over. After all, such a Tyrolean evening is a wonderful, but also very exhausting affair.


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