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Pinot Ötzi - An Experience

Pinot Ötzi - Helmuth Raffeiner, Peter Dipoli, Martin Aurich, Reinhold Messner and Franz Pratzner
Pinot Ötzi - Wine Project
The idea and the project "PINOT ÖTZI" were presented in this exclusive ambience.
The aim of this unique project is to observe the ripening process of wine on various altitudes, and to judge them after a specific period of time.

The two winegrowers at the entry of the Senales Valley Franz Pratznber / "Falkenstein" winery, and Martin Aurich / "Unterortl" winery agreed to combine part of their Blauburgunder wine from 2006 into a cuvee for the aim of this interesting project. The cuvee will be stored for one year in 3 wine barrels of equal quality at 3 different altitudes.

- 1 barrel in Juval Castle at 900 metres above sea level
- 1 barrel in the Oberraindlhof Guesthouse at 1500 metres above sea level
- 1 barrel in the highest Hotel at the Alpine ridge, in the "Grawand" mountain hotel at the Senales Glacier at 3212 metres above sea level

After two years, each of the three barrels of Blauburgunder ( 3 x 225 litres) will be bottled, and assessed by a professional jury within the framework of the 8th National Blauburgunder Competition. Within the framework of the 11th Blauburgunder Days South Tyrol 2009, the creation will be tested by the audience.

The result is to cause a sensation - not only in the world of wine.
Project promoters include the Senales Tourism Association in cooperation with the two wine growers, the gastronomes Helmuth & Elisabeth Raffeiner, the wine epxert Peter Dipoli, some sommeliers, and is supported by the Senales Glacier Cable Cars Company.

Orders for the Pinot Ötzi bottling can be made at the Hotel Oberraindlhof
Pinot Ötzi Collection
Orders for the Pinot Ötzi bottling can be made at the Hotel Oberraindlhof
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